Limekiln Wind Farm Section 36C Application

Application Documents – July 2021

Volume 1: Written Statement

Volume 2: Figures

Volume 3: Landscape and Visual Visualisations

We would like to draw your attention to a minor error, which has now been corrected, within the cumulative wirelines contained in Volume 3 of the Limekiln Wind Farm Section 36C EIA Report.  The error related to the way in which the turbines for Drum Hollistan 2 Wind Farm were illustrated. While the blade tip height of the Drum Hollistan 2 turbines was correct, an incorrect hub height dimension was used to represent the turbines. As such, the turbine rotor proportion conveyed by the wirelines was incorrect. It should be understood that this error did not affect the way that Limekiln Wind Farm was represented in any of the submitted figures. This error was corrected on the 18th August 2021 and updated figures have been issued and can be found below.

Vol 3 Table of Contents: Landscape and Visual – Folder A

GIS Figures
NatureScot Visualisations and Wirelines

Volume 3: Landscape and Visual and Cultural Heritage Visualisations

Vol 3 Table of Contents: Landscape and Visual – Folder B

The Highland Council
Wild Land Viewpoints
Residential Visual Amenity Assessment
Cultural Heritage – Wirelines
Volume 4: Appendices

Volume 4: Appendices Figures

Appendix Figures 13A
Appendix Figures 13B

Supporting Documents

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Limekiln S36C Design and Access Statement

Limekiln S36C Planning Statement

Limekilin S36C Statement of Community Consultation June 2021


April 2021 newsletter

Virtual Consultation Materials – May 2021

Scoping Request – March 2021

Limekiln S36C Scoping Report

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