When developing a wind farm, many environmental factors are taken into account. To assess what potential impact the proposed wind farm could have on the site and its surrounding area and what to do to mitigate these, independent experts are undertaking studies. Examples of studies being carried out for Limekiln Wind Farm include visual impact, ecology, transport and access, socio economics and hydrology.


Landscape architects are consulted to ensure the design minimises visibility of the turbines. Photomontages and computer-generated wireframes will be available from a range of different viewpoints, demonstrating varying levels of visibility. At the Community Open Days, a 3D model of the site and its surroundings will be available for viewing. This will allow visitors to assess views at the wind farm from virtually anywhere, including their own back garden!

The Environmental Report

An Environmental Impact Assessment is undertaken to assess potential impacts of the development on the local environment. It also considers what measures are required to avoid, minimise or mitigate any adverse environmental impacts.

Once these investigations are complete the findings are reported in a comprehensive series of documents known as the Environmental Report which accompanies the planning application to the Scottish Government. All documents will be made available for public viewing and will be available on this website under Downloads.