This month will see the start of turbine components, including the blades, being delivered to Boralex’s Limekiln Wind Farm site at Reay.

Esbjorn Wilmar, Country Manager for Boralex UK said: “Having the turbine components arrive in Caithness this month is a huge step forward for Boralex in our construction of Limekiln, which will generate renewable energy for nearly 100,000 homes.”

From the week commencing 20th May, for four weeks, on two days each week at “off-peak” times during the daytime two convoys will deliver turbine components from Scrabster Harbour to site at Reay. The days each week will vary as they are subject to Police confirmation, but the final confirmation will be notified on the website by 9.00am on the day of each delivery.

Each convoy consists of 3 vehicles and will be managed by official Police Scotland escort.  Further deliveries will take place from mid-July and those dates and times will also be published on the website as soon as they are confirmed by Police Scotland.

There is a Limekiln Construction WhatsApp group, which will also be informed.  If you would like to join that group, please email [email protected] with your name and mobile number.